Cost of Insect Net in Kenya

The cost of insect net in Kenya ranges from Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 20,000. The cost may vary depending on the size of the net you select. Our insect nets completely protect all insect pests that affect developing crops at any stage. We are recognized as one of the country’s leading producers and suppliers of insect nets. Our mosquito nets are reasonably priced and of very high caliber. Since it reduces the cost of pesticide use and the amount of time required for agricultural spraying, it is appropriate for organic farmers. You may get bug netting from Aqua Hub Kenya for a fair price. Several sizes and textures are available.

Description and Cost of Insect Net in Kenya

A thin fabric resembling a row cover but is more porous and thinner is applicable to make ant-insect nets. When crops don’t require insulation, cover them with bug netting, especially if there are a lot of pests or avian pressure. It transmits up to 85% of the available sunlight and does not block overhead irrigation or rain. By preventing pest insects from entering greenhouses and net houses, insect nets are crucial for minimizing crop loss. An anti-insect greenhouse net is suggested for building low-cost greenhouses and net homes. It can potentially increase vegetable yields by up to 40% while reducing pesticide use by up to 80%.

SizePrice (Ksh)
2.5 x 50 m10,000
2.5 x 100 m20,000
3 x 50 m13,200
5.5 x 30 m12,375

What are the benefits of insect nets?

  1. As a physical barrier, bug netting’s main purpose is to keep insects out. If you thoroughly cover the plants and securely pin the edges to the ground, it will keep the bulk of bug pests away from your crops. Aphids, Japanese beetles, grasshoppers, leaf miners, cabbage worms, root maggots, and some vine borers could be deterred by them.
  2. It is appropriate for organic producers and reduces costs and time spent spraying insects on the farm.
  3. An insect net can aid in preventing pest insects in greenhouses.
  4. Helpful in the construction of natural solar dryers. The air vents of the greenhouse are covered with bug nets.

Aqua Hub Kenya is a well-known agricultural net provider, merchant, and installer. We have offices in both Nairobi and Eldoret. We are a reliable supplier of agricultural supplies and management strategies. For more information, please call 0790719020.

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