Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Equipment Supplier

Irrigation Equipment Supplier

The most recognized irrigation equipment supplier in Kenya is Aqua Hub. We have a large presence in the nation’s market for irrigation equipment providers. Every irrigation solution that you could need is available from us. In a similar vein, we provide agriculturalists all across the nation and the world with answers to irrigation system issues. Using technology that provides exact water coverage, even with low water volumes, we enable farmers to irrigate their fields more effectively. We provide high-quality, long-lasting pipes, water treatment, filtration, and pumping equipment to assist protect your water supply.

The irrigation Equipment that We Supply

The Aqua Hub team can advise and implement all irrigation and water supply projects, whether they are for irrigation, potable water for cities and villages, municipal services, pumping and control systems, or wastewater removal and treatment. We are a well-known and trusted brand in many of Africa’s farming communities, acknowledged for our wide range of innovative irrigation systems that meet the rising need for water-saving and contemporary agricultural and gardening products.

Irrigation Pipes in Kenya
Irrigation Pipes in Kenya

The various irrigation systems that we offer in Kenya include drip kits, rain hose systems, rain gun sprinklers, impact sprinklers, and pop-up sprinklers. We provide a wide range of irrigation equipment for both installation and supply. Depending on the crop, the topography, the amount of water available, the location, and the client’s budget, this varies.

We offer a wide range of systems, tools, and accessories that you can use in greenhouses, lawns, and golf courses, among other agricultural settings. Our inventory of irrigation pipes for sale supports pipes for overhead irrigation systems, drip irrigation system components, and rain hose kits. To meet the needs of various crops and growers, they provide a wide variety in each area.

Irrigation equipment

Button Drip System
Button Drip System
  1. Drip kits. For the irrigation of both fruit trees and vegetables, as well as forestry. Drip tape, 16 mm HDPE pipe, starter connectors, off-takes, drip to drip connectors, button or online drippers, and end caps are all included in this.
  2. Rain hose kits. A rain hose pipe, off-takes, connections, and an end cap are all included in it.
  3. Sprinkler systems.
  4. Pop up sprinklers. These are sub-surface sprinklers, and they can be used on lawns, golf courses, football fields, and even gardens.
  5. Rain gun sprinklers. These are metal sprinklers with high pressure and high volume that can be used on any kind of crop.
  6. Sprinklers that use impact. They are made of plastic and range in size from 0.5 to 1 inch.
  7. Meganet sprinklers. These sprinklers are made of plastic and range in size from 0.5 to 1 inch.
  8. Micro sprinklers. 1/2″ butterfly-type sprinklers.

Irrigation systems solutions that we offer

There are several irrigation methods to choose from, and each person’s farming needs decide the method they employ. If you don’t know much about irrigation systems, you’ve come to the right spot since we’ll go through the most prevalent ones. You may wish to chat with your chosen Kenyan irrigation equipment providers in further detail in order to acquire a product that matches your needs. Here are some examples of different options:

  1. Drip irrigation systems
  2. Sprinkler irrigation systems
  3. Overhead irrigation systems
  4. Water pumps

Aqua Hub provides Kenya’s finest and most economical irrigation equipment. We also provide advice on which crops are most suited to each form of irrigation. For further information, call NAIROBI at 0790719020 or ELDORET at 0759372241.

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