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Rain Gun Sprinkler Prices in Kenya

Rain Gun Sprinkler Prices in Kenya

Rain Gun Sprinkler Prices in Kenya| Rain Gun Sprinklers Prices in Kenya ranges between KES 5,000 to KES. 15,000 as per the size. Rain Guns are large overhead sprinklers that can spray a large farm section at a time.

Why do you need Rain Guns?

Rain Gun sprinklers replaces multiple sprinklers in an area which may be costly to purchase, install, use, or maintain.

Rain Guns Vs Drip Lines (Which is Costly?)

Installing drip irrigation requires a lot of accessories and therefore is highly expensive. Similarly, drip irrigation is not ideal for all crops because some crops require high water intake that may not be possible through drip.

Benefit of Applying Rain Gun Sprinklers

The advantage of rain guns is the higher throw heads than sprinklers and the higher rate of flow per unit time. Due to this fact, rain guns are effective for taller crops and large plantations of maize, sugar cane, tea, bananas, grasses, and trees, etc…


Rain Gun Sprinkler Types

  • Rain Guns exist in different types categorized by pressure gauges, flow rates, and material used to manufacture them.
    The common rain guns are flange and impact rain gun sprinklers. Both are high pressure sprinklers which require pumps to spray water on a farm.
  • Impact rain guns are metallic rain guns made of brass metals or plastic materials. They work under a pressure of 2–8 bars.
  • Flange rain guns are brass metallic sprinklers that have a gear system and supported by a tripod stand to enhance stability during irrigation. To irrigate with flange rain guns, you need a pump of pressure ranging between 4 -10 bars.

How Rain Guns Work

Rain guns irrigate crops the same way as overhead sprinklers. The water application to crops is done above the crop so that water falls on the crop leaves to the soil. Sprays coming out of the rain gun sprinkler heads are heavy and strong with higher pressure and higher spray radius.

Rain gun works the same way as sprinklers, water hits the sprinkler heads and rotates it to release throws in a 360 or 180 degree of rotation.

Rain Gun Sprinkler Prices in Kenya

The cost of Rain Guns for Irrigation vary differently per unit size and pressure ranges.

Sprinkler Diameter Cost (KES)
32 mm Rain Gun 5,000
50 mm Rain Gun 8,000
63 mm Rain Gun 15,000

Rain Gun Sprinkler Supplier (Aqua Hub Kenya)

Aqua Hub Kenya has plenty of quality and long-lasting rain gun sprinklers that can enhance the effectiveness in irrigation of crops.
Our rain guns are made of brass metals which withstands extremely hot and cold weather. The brass rain gun sprinklers are not prone to rust or corrosion.

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